Giving Back: Island Sanctuary

3rd April
4min read

We live in a business-oriented world.

Given the fast-paced and increasingly materialistic lifestyles we have, it’s easy to forget about what really matters nowadays. By not giving back to the ones who need it, you get to miss out on the wonderful things that are happening around you.

We at Pure have always made it our priority to give back. Back to the community, and back to a cause we truly believe in and love. In step, Island Sanctuary.

Finding Sanctuary

For those of you not familiar with Island Sanctuary and what they do let’s brief you up a little. The Island Sanctuary has been in operation for over 25 years, catering for the needs of stray and abandoned dogs in Malta. It was originally founded and registered as a charity organisation under the name of Animal Samaritans in 1986 on Manoel Island. With the granting of an official lease to use Fort Tas-Silg, Delimara in 1991, the Animal Samaritans relocated to a more suitable and beneficial environment and changed its name to The Island Sanctuary.

So in 2009, it goes without saying that given our love of everyone’s favourite furry friend, we wanted to give back in any way we possibly could.

This help came in the way of a yearly doggy calendar which they eventually sell for a small donation which goes towards the sanctuary. A photoshoot is held every year which without a hint of a doubt is one shoot we really look forward to from year to year. It’s definitely the most wholesome.

Off Script

When we started writing this blog, we planned out a joyous and uplifting conclusion, that Island Sanctuary only deserves, but this isn’t the happy ending we had all hoped for. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has hit multiple businesses and entities hard, and Island Sanctuary is no different. They had to close their charity shops and bazaars, whilst also having to cease their cremation services – all huge blows to their budget.

The sanctuary also had to stop visiting hours and dog walks, thus financial and food donations have completely stopped.

The most worrying thing of all is that Island Sanctuary has noticed an increase in the number of stray dogs, due to fears that they can be carriers of the virus. This, and we cannot stress this enough, IS NOT TRUE. Animals cannot transmit this virus to us, humans.

Nothing will truly get in the way of those with a love for animals and whilst most of us are self-isolating at home, the Island Sanctuary volunteers are still taking their daily turns at the sanctuary to feed, clean and take care of their beloved dogs.

Here’s where you come in!

We hope nothing will get in our way either to keep supporting these lovely people! Giving back has never been this easy, as Island Sanctuary is accepting online donations through Paypal from their website or even easier, through a simple text message on any of the following phone numbers:

5061 7368 – € 2.33
5061 8082 – € 4.66
5061 8935 – € 6.99

Let’s all do our bit in giving back!