Hello, we are Pure.

10th March
5min read

One Word. Endless Possibilities.

Friendships, relationships, business ventures, your last take away call – they all probably started with this simple yet wonderful five letter word.

That was our thought process when brainstorming on how we should reintroduce PURE, a straightforward Hello. Now let’s delve further into the complexity of this simplicity.

Hello, we are WARRIORS.

Our first inspiration is the legendary character of Hercules. Quick side note: What a movie that was! ‘I Can Go the Distance’ brought a tear out every time without fail. Blockbuster.

Anyways, back to the Greek god at hand, Hercules is revered in the mythological world for his amazing strength and his iconic movie inspiring adventures which include strangling snakes as a baby, slaying fire breathing giants and capturing mythical bulls. You know, the usual.

Hercules represents the experience and skill in fighting any battle one may face, as well as the grit and determination to overcome any obstacle in their way.

We at PURE have the same mentality when it comes to design and marketing, with which we will provide you with glory achieving ideas and strategies.

Hello, we are FIERCE.

Fierce is a powerful word, and we needed a character as powerful to portray our message. Step in Medusa, the Gorgon Sister. Medusa’s backstory is as grim as it is inspiring. Once a beautiful woman in Greek mythology, Medusa was raped, killed and beheaded by a whole host of Greek gods. However, in the face of such tragedy and disgrace, a Pegasus flew out of her body representing the birth of beauty.

Medusa portrays the passion and determination we collectively have for marketing and design to create fiery content for your business!

Hello, we are STORYTELLERS.

When it came to storytelling, we looked no further than Hermes, the Greek god. Quick Greek Mythology lecture! Hermes was worshipped as a Messenger of the Gods (whilst also being a God himself, guess he had a part-time), due to his ability to convey messages between the underworld, the world of us mortals and the divine realms of the gods. In brief, he is arguably history’s best message spreader and storyteller. The Ultimate Marketing Expert. Lecture over, see y’all next week.

Hermes represents the transmission of ideas and stories to the masses – an often overlooked ability, but one that is pivotal for any business or company to strive.

We at PURE will embark on a mission to market your brand story to your audience in this rapidly evolving industry of creativity, design and technology.

Hello, we are MIGHTY.

Ladies and gentlemen, our fourth, final & wisest inspiration, none other than the Greek goddess Athena. When it’s believed that all Greek heroes have sought her wisdom and Greek gods feared her, there isn’t a shadow of a doubt that Athena fits the mighty moniker.

Athena exhibits the undeniable thought and wisdom that goes behind all of the above, a sentiment we share with her.

With great thought and even better marketing skills, we’ll add life to your story with our tailor-made designs that your brand deserves.

So, with all that being said – Hello, we are PURE Concepts. Let’s do this!