Ultimate. Social. Distancing. – The right product for you!

The product to have is here: HOOLA.

Providing you with the Ultimate. Social. Distancing. experience.

A simple and easy to use product, 100% solid, easy to use, and great to help you keep a 1.5m distance from anyone around you. Our product is made up of a solid 1-inch thick ring of metal, supported by straps on your shoulders, and is at the hip height at all times, thanks to its adjustable shoulder straps.

The product also comes with a variety of extras, including;

  • a tablet & mobile phone holder – for the man or woman on the go,
  • 30cm spikes that can be attached directly to the ring – for those that want extra distance
  • Tanning reflectors – no need to hold them in your hands, just attach them to the ring and angle them towards you
  • Tent – the complete kit to be used by people that want to hide their faces in shame, or simply want to disappear socially.

Ultimate. Social. Distancing. – The right product for you!

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