Keep It Fresh

18th April
5min read

Like any recipe, the best results are achieved when your ingredients are fresh. Without a doubt, everyone knows that the key to remaining relevant is to keep your audience entertained with fresh and relevant content. I mean, everybody loves their pizza while it’s hot out of the oven, and if you’re one of those people who prefers their pizza ice cold out of the fridge… what are you?!

Here are some tips we learnt along the way and keep in mind to deliver fresh content to our clients for their audiences.


‘Relevance’ is a BIG keyword here – don’t expect to get audiences engaging with your content if it’s not fresh. Albeit being from the latest news that’s hitting the world by storm right off the press or a trending post, if it’s not current or already has been overseen and overdone, your audience will not react in the manner in which you would’ve hoped for.
So if you think that you’re not right on the ball, don’t kick a dead horse because it’s just not going to work. On the contrary, it might actually put off your audience. The good old saying ‘better late than never’ doesn’t apply to this kind of situation.
Ahead of the game

Find the inner hipster in you and be ahead of the trends before they hit the mainstream. If you want your content to hit your audience with a bang, use it while it’s still fresh. Research profusely and keep your eyes peeled for what other agencies or brands are currently doing to stay on top of the game. If this means being like that old lady perched in her balcony overseeing and overhearing everything that goes on in the road (face it, we all have that one neighbour in our street), then so be it. Crack open those social media platforms and your trusty sources and research, research and research. Most importantly, you need to also learn to anticipate. Be the one to say to yourself (and rub in other people’s faces), ‘I saw that coming a mile away’. Always be prepared.
Know your bro

Just like with anything in general, if you approach someone with a subject that doesn’t remotely interest them, they aren’t really going to be able to converse back, are they? It’s the same with content. Your audience will only engage with your content if it’s relevant to them and their tastes, even if it’s something new and exciting – it has to fit the bill. The most important component here is ‘emotion’. Tugging on those heartstrings will soar your engagement through the roof. People will engage if they can connect with that content.
A dash of pezaz

The most important element in all of this is to not deliver something which is a carbon copy of what is already out there. Get the concept and mould it into something that leaves your own personal touch on it. It will make it stand out from the crowd and imprinted in your audience’s’ minds. It also adds a bit of personality and shows your very own one. Looking into inspiration is vital and a necessity, especially when you’re having trouble having those idyllic light bulb moments – but with that being said, what makes a difference is that twist you add to it to make it your own.
Strictly human

We work behind a wall of big screens (some of us who aren’t so blessed, opt for a tiny laptop screen), typing away notions and campaign messages that come to our minds. An easy trap to fall into is forgetting who is on the other end of the receiving line. Just in case for those of you who might not have thought of it yet – it’s a person. A human being just like you and I. A good question to ask yourself or your colleagues when coming up with content is, ‘would I enjoy it?’, ‘would I engage with it?’. If the answers are yes, then there is a very high probability that your audience will too. Despite knowing that we segregate our audiences into labeled boxes by demographic or habitual/life-cycle information, the bottom line is that they’re human. In today’s world and age, things tend to have quite a bit of a short timespan, resulting in us needing to be on the ball to stay on top of everything and deliver good, quality, fresh content for our audience to not only engage with but also connect with.
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