No quick fixes. Just solutions.

Ever since the dawn of the internet, humankind found this golden opportunity to sell things online.

The process of creating an e-commerce platform was never an easy one, however, with the introduction of new technologies, came the creation of ready-made online shops provided by a host of companies as a quick fix.

But is this truly the answer to keep your business afloat when things hit the fan (special reference to none other than COVID-19)?

Do it yourself

From Shopify to BigCommerce, all these companies offer a pre-packaged solution that is perfect for people that require a quick fix. This is due to the fact that these platforms offer a simple, cost-effective and do it yourself e-commerce website for a monthly fee of around €45 (if you want a good set of specs).

Some online shops that operate solely based on these platforms do flourish, then again one must be ready to constantly update and monitor anything that is put on the site, apart from the fact that you need to add in photos text and inventory, and overall just some work which anyone with some basic internet skills can do.

Not as easy and fun as it sounds does it?

Laying the cards on the table

The main problem with any quick fix, it’s either do it yourself or get someone who charges you a ridiculous price for something you could have done yourself. It’s in our responsibility to flesh out the problems associated with typical e-commerce quick fixes and to show you that e-commerce is not something you do in response to a changing market to patch things up for a brief moment in time, it’s something you invest in and create to individualise yourself in a crowded marketplace like that present in Malta!

The main issue with quick fixes is that people generally tend to question the authenticity of an online shop that has appeared overnight. Let us not forget to mention that one must also look out for if proper security measures are implemented; website functionality logistics; and of course, the issue of payments.

Our responsibility

It would be irresponsible of us not to state upfront that a custom-built and specially designed e-commerce platform is a long term investment, with an average build time of 6 weeks. One must also take into consideration the shifting landscape of e-commerce in today’s world, whereby with the ever more connected world we live in, and also situations that may arise that don’t permit us to leave our homes (like COVID-19), you can’t afford to face any problems when it comes to website uptime, users, payments and deliveries!

We work with your budget

An e-commerce website isn’t just the only way how you can scramble for survival during these trying times. Something someway can always be worked out with whatever budget you might have allocated for marketing purposes.

As an agency, it is our job that we ensure to find creative solutions for any business in the most effective manner, with the world of possibilities that are out there, if we think wisely and strategically. We don’t corner a client or advise someone to take steps that are not feasible or within their financial reach.

Don’t opt for a quick fix just because a bunch of adverts on social media are telling you it’s the way to go. An e-commerce website is an investment.

Let’s have a chat where we can let you know what we can do for your business that’s within your reach!