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hello we are

hello we are

hello we are

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We’re a design, creative and marketing communications agency in Malta that was set up in 2005.

From the very start, we sought to help brands break away from the cliches and find their voice to connect more effectively with their target audiences and potential clients. We are extremely passionate about making big projects happen, and we are able to do this through our extensive marketing knowledge and skills in everything from logo design to SEO and full-scale marketing campaigns.

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Look Sideways

If you had to picture disabilities in terms of design, you’d be forgiven for imagining the icon of a person of a wheelchair. After all, we see it everywhere; parking spaces, permits, inside buildings and out in public spaces.Yet, we should remember that disability is...

This is weird. All of this is truly weird.One virus from the depths of Wuhan, China has spread all over the planet like jam on toast and here we are, with more questions than answers.In the world of marketing, you don’t plan for these situations (The world, in...

One Word. Endless Possibilities.Friendships, relationships, business ventures, your last take away call - they all probably started with this simple yet wonderful five letter word.That was our thought process when brainstorming on how we should reintroduce PURE, a...

The feud of all ages, Macs vs PCs, has been tackled over and over. And here we are, taking another stab at it. Is this a love letter to Apple? Well, coming from someone who’s used Windows for the past 20 years and does not own an iPhone, it’s not so a love letter, but...

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