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Human, Like You

case study.Human, Like YouThe foundation of this campaign was the need to inform the public about how there is a hidden economy and its impact on Maltese society. Local perception of the problem was also something that needed to be tackled in a direct manner, that is...

iGaming Group

IGaming Group provides flexible technology and a wide variety of products for the iGaming Sector. Whether being white labelling solutions a secure transactional ecosystem for blockchain, iGaming Group is a one-stop shop for the iGaming industry. Based on iGaming Platform’s previous logo and colour, we developed proposals for the group’s new identity.

Star Bistro

case study.Star BistroLocated prominently in the heart of the capital city, Star Bistro is now one of the standout eateries in the reopened Suq tal-Belt. A year or so after they opened they wanted to update their look and their style, and that’s when they came...

MITA Rebranding

case study.MITA RebrandingA futuristic tale. From logo pencil scribbles to a full blown television commercial production, we did it all to take MITA out of the early 2000s and rocketed them to uncharted horizons on the 2020’s. Through a major branding overhaul, MITA...

Emanuel’s Bakery

This was a match made in pizza heaven. Emanuel’s Bakery is a legend in the food business, known across all of Malta for their mouthwatering pizza. From Birzebbugia to Mellieha, people flock to this iconic bakery to feast on the delicious creations that make their way out of their oven. So you can just imagine the excitement we felt when they came knocking on our door.


case study.Il-BiskwinIl-Biskwin is a small business of a client of ours who describes himself as a pottery enthusiast on the wheel, exploring different shapes, forms, and glaze combinations. He came to us needing a brand identity that would help him achieve...