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Merry-licious chocolate-trio box

case study.Merry-licious chocolate-trio boxLast Christmas we gave you chocolates, and the very next day, they were completely devoured. Truer words have never been said. For the previous festive season, we decided to treat our lovely clients with none other than a...

iGaming Group

IGaming Group provides flexible technology and a wide variety of products for the iGaming Sector. Whether being white labelling solutions a secure transactional ecosystem for blockchain, iGaming Group is a one-stop shop for the iGaming industry. Based on iGaming Platform’s previous logo and colour, we developed proposals for the group’s new identity.

Hansa Wines and Spirits

case study.Hansa Wines and SpiritsLooks aren’t always everything. There’s more to just mere pleasant aesthetics. To get the ball rolling, you need a solid plan of action with a well thought out strategy to really target those points that need to be tackled. This is...

Fitness Farm

case study.Fitness FarmWhen we were given the opportunity to help out a personal trainer, our collective first reaction was ‘This should be the other way round, she needs to help us!’ Jokes aside, Fitness Farm was an intriguing challenge; a personal trainer who’s...

fernandõ. gastrotheque

Some places are just simply beautiful to either look at. The kind where you feel the need to pull up a chair and sit and stare in awe and take in the surroundings. That is precisely what we did with Fernando Gastrotheque.

MITA Rebranding

case study.MITA RebrandingA futuristic tale. From logo pencil scribbles to a full blown television commercial production, we did it all to take MITA out of the early 2000s and rocketed them to uncharted horizons on the 2020’s. Through a major branding overhaul, MITA...