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case study.Nothing Like Nanna’s Imbuljuta!Picture this: It's Christmas Eve, and you're sitting around the fireplace with all your loved ones around you, playing board games and sharing stories. The aromas of citrus fruits, cinnamon, chocolate, and chestnuts fill the...

Joy to the Tummy!

case study.Joy to the Tummy! ʼTwas the season to be jolly and just like every year, our team huddled together just as soon as the August heatwaves went at bay, to start thinking of the right gift to give to our clients as per our yearly tradition since weʼve opened...

iGaming Group

IGaming Group provides flexible technology and a wide variety of products for the iGaming Sector. Whether being white labelling solutions a secure transactional ecosystem for blockchain, iGaming Group is a one-stop shop for the iGaming industry. Based on iGaming Platform’s previous logo and colour, we developed proposals for the group’s new identity.

Saving Our Blue

This has to be one of the most exciting nationwide campaigns that we have taken care of to date. We took care of the Saving Our Blue’s campaign concept, brand and design for the Ministry for the Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change. The campaign had the aim to raise awareness about marine litter on our islands and to educate the general public.

Palazzo Paolina

case study.Palazzo Paolina Boutique HotelBack in 2017, in the ever-crowded luxury boutique hotel industry, the soon-to-open Palazzo Paolina wanted to stand out from the crowd and that was the task we were facing. This up and coming hotel needed a unique identity, as...


case study.AmazoniaAmazonia is a seaside bar, club, and family space that is part of the Dolmen Hotel Complex, that had been completely revamped structurally and visually, therefore it was only natural that they would want to revamp their public image.project...