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Human, Like You

case study.Human, Like YouThe foundation of this campaign was the need to inform the public about how there is a hidden economy and its impact on Maltese society. Local perception of the problem was also something that needed to be tackled in a direct manner, that is...

iGaming Group

IGaming Group provides flexible technology and a wide variety of products for the iGaming Sector. Whether being white labelling solutions a secure transactional ecosystem for blockchain, iGaming Group is a one-stop shop for the iGaming industry. Based on iGaming Platform’s previous logo and colour, we developed proposals for the group’s new identity.

Orion Group

case study.Orion GroupOrion Group Ltd, are a company that excels in the integration of ELV and Smart Buildings Automation Solutions. They came to us for a very much needed brand image update to mirror their futuristic sophisticated technology and the gigantic steps...


case study.AmazoniaAmazonia is a seaside bar, club, and family space that is part of the Dolmen Hotel Complex, that had been completely revamped structurally and visually, therefore it was only natural that they would want to revamp their public image.project...


case study.Il-BiskwinIl-Biskwin is a small business of a client of ours who describes himself as a pottery enthusiast on the wheel, exploring different shapes, forms, and glaze combinations. He came to us needing a brand identity that would help him achieve...

Is-Suq tal-Belt

Is-Suq Tal-Belt Food Market amongst locals is by no doubt a prominent landmark in the capital city. Found right in the heart of Valletta, apart from the cultural day-to-day life, the architectural structure is quite a unique one in comparison with the surrounding palazzos.