The Magic Of Makeover

27th April
4min read

Treat yourself to a fresh haircut, shiny new shoes or the latest fashion trend outfit and you feel like a brand new person. Feels great doesn’t it? Think about it… doesn’t your brand deserve the same kind of treatment? If your current logo is not accurately reflecting where your company should be headed, then it could be time for a makeover. A company makeover, what we call a rebrand, is an investment for any business. As the face of your company, a good logo design is crucial because if effective, it will help positively position your company within its industry.

Branding is a highly strategic tool. Most people rely on online presence and social media and consider it to be a quick fix for their company. While this is important, it cannot be the only tool to rely on when it comes to altering your position in the marketplace.

What is the use of having Facebook adverts which are lively and entertaining, when your logo is dull and monotonous? Your logo needs to match your company’s personality. Considering a re-brand is an effective tool for a strategic change and an amazing way of reshaping the way your brand is perceived in the mind of the consumer.

An effective re-brand requires a lot of careful thought and answering some basic questions will help in realising if it is time to consider a rebranding.

Who are your customers?

Or more importantly, what type of customers do you seek to attract? Do you want to tap into new generations? Current and future clients are key to a company’s growth. An interesting brand will help get word of mouth referrals – if someone loves the experience you offer, they will tell friends about your brand and this is the main thing in common between the leaders in the industry; they have a strong brand.

What are your competitors doing?

With your current logo, are you just another bar or restaurant? Does your biggest competitor have a nicer brand image than yours? A new logo will help you differentiate yourself from your competition and stand out in your community. Your competitors should motivate you to improve your strategy and create better value in your overall brand; not just your logo.

Was your logo designed in 1995?

Yes? Does it show? An old logo does not necessarily mean it’s outdated. You need to differentiate between an outdated logo and a classic logo. Classic logos have a timeless look to them and usually represent well-established companies. For example, the Nike logo has had its iconic swoosh since 1971. It is now so memorable that the brand name no longer needs to accompany the brand mark for anyone to know that is it Nike. An out dated logo has components that were cool during a particular time, but not anymore. This can easily hint that the company is neglecting the brand.

Do your employees like your logo?

It’s a fact that not everyone is going to like your logo, but your employees are the ones representing your brand and communicating with your customers. A good logo can inspire your employees, and let’s face it, they see your brand more than anyone else, so if they express dislike towards your logo, chances are there is a very valid reason for it.

Keep in mind that your logo is the voice of your business and you need to make it work in your favour. A professional look creates credibility and trust since it is the first thing people see before even considering your product or service.

Having said that, rebranding however, goes beyond a makeover.

Everything you do defines your brand and the emotion you give your clients will always play an important part in a rebrand. When done right, it can produce and reward loyalty to both you and your customers. That is the magic of a makeover.