Trust the ‘Barbell’

If like me, you’re a Crossfit fanatic, you are well aware that the barbell teaches you several lessons.

It gives you the opportunity to get stronger, compete with other athletes and gives you determination. But, (and a big BUT), you have to trust the process.

You get in position, prepare your grip, lift the bar up, and you get positive results…or your lift fails and you get no lift at all. The barbell stares you right in the face and says, “this is going to be hard, you need to invest time and it’s going to take a lot of work, but I promise you, the results will be awesome.” But before you get to enjoy all the benefits of lifting weights, you have to get a good start first.

A marketing agency is a barbell

In our industry, it’s a lesson many need to learn. A marketing agency is a barbell. The options are endless and the opportunities are right there. You just need a strategy, you need to invest your time and money and start grinding. Many think that marketing one’s business nowadays is simply posting a photo on Facebook and pressing the boost button. The more money I spend on boosting, the more people will see my post right? I can buy the top of the range Nike lifters, but that won’t help me load the barbell any heavier without proper technique.

Not convinced yet?

What the hell does a barbell, weightlifting or Crossfit have in common with an agency such as PURE Concepts?

“What percentage of my personal best should I lift?” “How much money should I invest to target my audience?”

“What accessory work should I add to my program to better my lift?” “What other media shall I use alongside Facebook to reach my target audience?”

“Is it time to change my lifting program to increase the load on my bar?” “Is it time to tweak my brand image to fit today’s market?”

“You just need to lift weights right?”. But have you figured out which muscles to target. What percentages should you lift, how many times daily you need to workout? It all boils down to GOALS. What are your goals? Lose weight? Build muscle? Weightlifting Competition? What do you want to achieve with your marketing campaign? Increase your audience? Build brand awareness? Sell one particular product?

Let’s set things straight and simple.

Just like lifting a barbell, our field of work is simple in theory, but a bit more complicated in practice. Each target goal requires a different strategy and just as a weight lifting coach can guide you with the proper lifting technique, we at PURE concepts will guide you in identifying the most effective marketing strategy to achieve your desired goals.

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